AQUATEX ESWP submersible sewage pumps are reliable and easy to use pumps which can be used to remove light sewage from homes and cow dung from dairies.

Product / Operating Range

Head rangeupto 20m
Delivery size25 mm to 65 mm
Power0.5 HP to 1.5 HP, 1Phase, 220 V, 50Hz
0.5 HP to 3.0 HP, 3Phase, 380 V, 50Hz
Speed2850 rpm
Liquid Temperatureupto 35°C
Solid handling sizes15 mm to 40 mm


  • Removing light sewage and waste water from homes and kitchens.
  • Pumping cow dung and manure water in dairies

Features / MOC

  • Dry type submersible induction motor.
  • Class “F” insulation.
  • Impeller and casing are coated with chemical resistance coating to improve life and performance.
  • Large channel casing and single vane impeller allow large floating solids to pass through.
  • Cable connectors filled with resin prevents water leakage into the motor through the cable wire.
  • Dual mechanical seal prevents water entry into the dry motor portion at two interfaces, one at pump portion to oil chamber and another at oil chamber to dry motor portion.